I'm Getting One!!!!

For the past few weeks I have been working on my mum and dad about getting a dog and I finally had a breakthrough 2 weeks ago.  They said I can and I have decided on one of these little cuties!!! I even have a name picked out if I get a boy!! 

Last night my sister called me and told me to get onto Gumtree as there is a little Beagle puppy 'Free to a good home' which could not have been better! Unfortunately he was gone and I was gutted!! I am now on a mission and my thinking is wait until around Christmas and check the Animal Sanctuaries for rescue puppies and if nothing after Christmas then I will pay for one!!!

Wish me luck!

Photo via here

NOTE: I currently live with my parents as I save for a deposit for my own place which was why I had to ask!!!!